Linear accuracy(μm)
Measurement system CCD
Video magnification
Object field of view
Working distance
Resolution of grating ruler
Linear accuracy(μm)
Boundary dimension(mm)
Power Supply
Defects liability period
EVS系列 GVS系列 LVS系列 T8000
200~400 200~400 300~5000 50
200~300 200~300 300~4000 50
90~250 90~250 90~250 90
30 30 30 30
High resolution, Sony core
Optional Optional Optional /
0.7-4.5X 0.7-4.5X 0.7-4.5X 0.7-4.5X
10.6-1.6mm 10.6-1.6mm 10.6-1.6mm 10.6-1.6mm
90mm 90mm 90mm 90mm
Heidenham 0.0005mm Heidenham 0.0001mm Heidenham 0.0001mm Heidenham 0.0001mm
XY accuracy≤5+L/200; XY accuracy≤2.5+L/200; XY accuracy≤3+L/200; XY accuracy≤2+L/200;
EVS2020,EVS3020,EVS4030 GVS2020,GVS3020,GVS4030 LVS300,LVS400,LVS500...LVS5000 T8000
Area led surface light and lower light source, brightness adjustable seat
220V±10%(AC) 50HZ
1 year
  • Accurate

    If the accuracy is less than 3um, the measurement result is the true value without any compensation.
    Z axis can focus automatically and adapt to different thickness products.

  • Capacity

    More than 20000 tablets can be measured in one day.

  • Fast

    Measure all image sizes< Zero point three Seconds / piece

  • Special inspection

    Flatness, height, thickness and profile.

  • 1. Marble structure, stable and reliable.
  • 2. Taiwan precision linear guide rail and grinding level ball screw, with Panasonic servo motor, closed-loop control, better precision.
  • 3. Automatic zoom lens, changing magnification without reselection of scale.
  • 4. German Heidelberg grating scale, resolution 0.0005mm .
  • 5. Japan Omron laser.
  • 6. Large magnification measurement screen.
  • 7. High quality optical system and high resolution camera make the picture clearer.
  • 8. Four ring and eight zone LED ring surface cold light source, contour light source and coaxial light source, with adjustable brightness.
  • 9. Mouse and handle operation, simple and easy to use.
  • 10. Self developed automatic CNC measurement system with friendly interface and powerful function.