System interface

It focus, it better

T-KING thinks, if a software can do everything, it also means that it can’t do anything well. T-KING wants to provide users with professional software with its professional features.

Details determine success or failure

The biggest difference between good software and bad one is not the function, but the details in the process to achieve the function. T-KING thinks our effort is worthy when it achieves every decrease of the user's mouse clicking or keyboard inputting.

Users make the best software

T-KING thinks the true designer of good software must be the users, rather than a group of developers who only know computers. So we try to shorten the distance with the users, we are not only eager for the praise from users, but also want criticism towards T-KING. We believe it is these users with higher requirements who contribute the greatest motivation to our growth.

Software features

1. Large view intelligent navigation
2, map shooting function
3, image synthesis
4, professional SPC analysis report
5, universal report
6, optical focusing automatic measurement
7, offline programming
8, CAD drawing comparison
9, definition indicator
10, automatic deburring
11, CAD input and output
12, irregular edge automatic tracking
13, sub-pixel automatic edge finding
14, mobile phone panel special fast measurement
15, laser measurement system
16 . probe measurement system