‘T-KING’ Full Automatic Eikonometer under GuangDong TianXing Measurement Technology Co., Ltd has won many patents and software copyrights.T-XING is a manufacturer who owns completely independent intellectual property rights of Full Automatic Eikonometer, and the factory is based in Dongguan city, Guangdong province.

To make the Full Automatic Eikonometer better, T-XING’s R&D team spent more than ten years, accumulated a number of customers who searched for better products. These years, our R&D team got close to frontline users, exactly understood the true needs of users, proposed a variety measurements and inspection solutions which were more suited for the users to meet the increasing demand for quality.

T-XING’s hardware design, production and software development teams work closely together to coordinate with each other. Software continuously develops the sleeping potential of hardware in the industry. It also prompts the software constantly updating in order to achieve the needs of various customers.

Like the Sky to accord with its positiveness, the Elites strive incessantly to excel themselves; Like the Ground to accord with its generosity, the Elites Thicken the virtues to load.

Spending more than ten years in researching and developing technology, the only thing that we concentrated on was to make the Full Automatic Eikonometer better.

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